Cold Steel Structures

Light Gauge Steel Building System – also known as “Smart Building Solution” or “Cold Steel Structures”. We design LGS buildings using specialist computer aided design, engineering software – FrameCAD and manufactured by rolling or pressing steel into semi-finished or finished goods at an ambient temperature.

These modern methods are financially attractive alternatives to slower, resource-heavy traditional methods of construction. LGS has significant environmental benefits over traditional methods. LGS is a practical solution to many of the challenges faced in traditional building methods. We construct Light Gauge Steel Low cost Housing / Villas, Farm House, & Warehouse and also any designed structure with full finished works in and around Kuwait.

  • The production and installation of the LGS generates minimum amount of waste.
  • Easy and simple installation of LGS-structures saves time and construction costs.
  • No large cranes are necessary during building installation.

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